IT Products

IT product support for Microsoft Office 365 Business, and More

We have partnerships with IT product vendors to provide you with customized solutions including Microsoft Office 365 Business and Ring Central. Your IT products should save time, save money, and provide security, and we wil develop a solution including our preferred partners that do just that! 

We are a one stop shop for IT products, implementation, and support. When you purchase an IT product, we include installation and setup plus product maintenance and support. This ensures your licenses are up-to-date and the product you purchased is the best for your business. 

Microsoft Office 365 Business

Our partnership with Microsoft provides access to Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and other Office 365 programs. When you purchase a Microsoft license through us, we include product maintenance ensuring your licenses are up-to-date.

Ring Central cloud based phone system

Our partnership with Ring Central provides easy to use cloud-based business communications solutions including message, video, and phone.  

Cisco Meraki client management communication

Cisco Meraki is our preferred partner for client management allowing for easy communication through a secure portal system.

cloud computing and virtualization software

Our VMware partnership provides multi-cloud services for apps. 

Our Sophos partnership provides anti-virus and spam filtering support. Integration of Sophos is key to maintaining a secure system throughout your company. When you purchase this product, we include monitoring and support.